All models are provided by the organizers.

You are not allowed to bring your own model to any of the nominations Classic Lashes, Nude Look 2D/3D, Volume Lashes 4D+ or Lash Lift. The only nomination that requires the competitor to get its own model is Fantasy – Online .

But why?

Because it is the way it goes in real life. Every time a new customer steps inside the door, it is important to be able to perform your very best. We want to enable everyone to compete under the same conditions. In addition, there is the risk that the judges recognize your model if you compete frequently and use the same model every time. Unfortunately, it is difficult as a judge to be completely objective even though they intend to be.

How are the models selected?

All models will be carefully selected by the competition organizers. The models will undergo assessment and must meet certain criteria so that all competitors get the same conditions.

Who gets what model?

The models are given to competitors through a draw at the registration which opens 45 minutes before the competition.